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Once there was a girl with a curl right down the middle of her forehead… BEAUTIFUL 19” Vintage 1947 Ideal Baby Beautiful Doll —Perfect Size for Loving and Display.


This is the doll EVERYONE has on their Christmas List~




 This is one of several sizes made of this most highly sought after baby doll -- this is the FAMOUS Ideal baby doll who Natalie Wood cuddled in the movie -- The Miracle on 34th Street All of us grew up watching this film and came away with "I Believe" no matter what age we were at the time. A warm reminder that our pure, childhood thoughts and dreams are worthwhile.


This is a GORGEOUS, ALL ORIGINAL Baby! These dolls were made by Ideal Toy Co and marketed under the name "Baby Beautiful". They came in a wide range of sizes as well as with blue eyes, or brown eyes; as they were marketed by some large retailers like Montgomery Ward and Sears, some of the dolls were marked Ideal and some were not, as this one is not. Baby Beautiful is GORGEOUS in her equally gorgeous all ORIGINAL outfit -- white cotton batiste dress, bonnet, slip and bloomers. She did lose her shoes somewhere down the line, and now wears a pair of vintage white cotton crochet booties.The set is in near MINT condition.


Includes her little Cherub Angel toy~


Baby has lovely, clear brown eyes that open and close perfectly, and have a full complement of brush lashes. Her body is strong and intact and only shows some light age patina to the fabric.


These dolls are very hard to find in this condition in any size... WOULDN'T SHE LOOK FABULOUS UNDER YOUR HOLIDAY TREE this Christmas?!


This is a PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT for a Special "Someone"~

19" Vintage 1947 Ideal Baby Beautiful Doll.

Vintage 1930s Ideal 19" Baby Beautiful * Miracle on 34th St * Composition Doll

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