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Vintage 1930s Effanbee Dy-Dee Lou 20" Baby Doll -- 


All original color -- wearing her TAGGED factory original Molly'es peachy-pink silk moire coat and matching bonnet, and blue cotton dimity dress -- added vintage silk booties.


Comes in her Effanbee Dy-Dee Lou boxed trunk with tray insert to keep her and her extra layette items I have provided safe and together in one place.




This is one of the very last near MINT Dy-Dee Lou dolls that I have from my personal collection.


This gorgeous little baby has an almost ethereal coloring and vibrance; her skintone is even and smooth and nearly flawless. Beautiful painted features are all intact but for one lighter brow, and her dark molded curls have only a modicum of wear. She has GORGEOUS blue eyes that draw you to her, and you just can't help but fall in love with her.


Dy-Dee Lou's rubber body is nearly mint as well -- soft, even-toned coloring, and completely intact with beautiful fingers and toes; there are no weaknesses, or cracks; only a few scant craze lines at the neck on the side... absolutely barely there.


Baby comes in her Effanbee cardboard trunk with tray insert to display her clothing, or to sit and display her in the nursery in a grand style. Along with her blue dress and coat set, everything shown is included with purchase -- a pair of blue floral Dy-Dee drop-seat pajamas (without 'feet'), white flannel robe, original birdseye weave diaper and rayon undershirt (vest), short-sleeve wool sweater with embroidered flowers, coordinating bonnet, crisp vintage 1940s white organdy bib with flowers,  "What Every Young Doll Mother Should Know" pamphlet, vintage 1940s teether, and sweet little clown-type1940s toy. Her 'jammies' and robe are in very good but played with condition; sweater and bonnet are like new from the 1930s; blue dress is 'mommy made' (perhaps) and clean and fresh; her silk moire coat set is MINT but for one small hole in the right sleeve, and one small one in the cap portion of her bonnet.


Added to the trunk, which originally would have come with a pink pillow with organdy ruffled trim at one end, is a fluffy, padded pink bunting for baby to snuggle in when its cold.


There are SO few of these big 20" babies available anymore, and this lovely girl is quite special. I promise you will not be disappointed~





Vintage 1930s Effanbee Dy-Dee Lou 20" Baby Doll in Trunk

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