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RARE Vintage Effanbee Mold 3 Dy-Dee 15" Baby Doll MINT in Box


Earliest Mold 3 issue retains soft rubber inset ears -- has tear 'holes' for crying


Adorable ~ Rare ~ MINT ~ Dy-Dee Jane is the hard to find Mold 3 baby with tear holes at the inner eyes so she can CRY REAL TEARS much like her friends Tiny Tears and Betsy Wetsy. This newly designed sweetheart has a perfect rubber body that is soft and retains its original light color. The Mold 3 dolls retained Effanbee's popular 'soft rubber ears' feature*. Beautiful BLUE eyes peek out from a high color GORGEOUS face with all painted features intact. Her auburn painted hair is nearly perfect, with just a couple of small light marks. Eyes open and close perfectly. Such a beautiful and PERFECT baby girl.




NOTE: my last photo shows this lovely baby dressed in an original Mold 2 / Mold 3 Dy-Dee layette dress set, which is not included in this sale, but available for separate purchase in another listing, among others. THIS HIGH COLOR DY-DEE gives the 'IT FACTOR' when she is lovingly dressed in beautiful clothes~ 

ASK ABOUT A DISCOUNT for clothes listed in my shop that are shown modeled on this baby. 

She arrives in her display box with everything still firmly attached to its cardboard -- doll and all her accessories are in unplayed with condition with no issues.


Included are:


  • RARE RARE "Welcoming" Announcement Card 
  • Paper GOLDEN HEART Hang Tag indicating her new feature where she cries tears (sorry... "hiding' under her blanket on bottom left of display) 
  • Faux 'Silver' Feeding Spoon -- not aluminum, but the more desirable 2nd issue 'pot metal' 
  • Baby wipes -- soft round pink flannel 
  • Nursing Bottle -- newly designed soft bottle with pink rubber nipple 
  • Bubble Pipe with SOFT rubber tip 
  • Pacifier that SQUEAKS loudly when inserted in baby's mouth and her tummy is gently squeezed 
  • "What Every Young Mother Should Know" instructions for care and feeding your new baby 


Baby's clothing include:


  • Flannel diaper w/ red polka dots -- lovely updated issue of the more classic birdseye weave from the past 
  • White cotton knit undershirt 
  • Blue HEARTS flannel drop-seat pajamas 
  • Pink flannel layette blanket


I have added a cute little heart-shaped rattle that is 'just her size' and will include a NICE pair of booties for her, as they appear to be the single item that was not included in this set.


Dy-Dee Jane's retail box is sturdy and holds baby and her layette for a lovely display. The bottom of one corner has detached, but I have since repaired that to hold together nicely. It does have a lid, but the sides are all missing but for one. Please ask for photos if needed, of course.


*The ears are intact and still soft... I forgot to clean them before photos, but will do so before sending her out to her new home.

RARE Vintage Effanbee Mold 3 Dy-Dee 15" Baby Doll in Box MINT

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