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Rare Vintage Early 1930s Effanbee Blond 15" Dy-Dee Baby Doll


Just Gorgeous and NEAR MINT Blond Dy-Dee with BLUE eyes, a perfect rubber body, and nearly FLAWLESS head... 




These RARE and lovely blonds do not present themselves often. Dy-Dee here has the most beautiful complexion -- high ALL ORIGINAL color -- NO RESTORATIONS of any kind -- with the early tin litho eyes in the most beautiful shade of BLUE.


One doesn't easily find the Blond Dy-Dee in mint condition. I have had this little girl in my collection for many years, and you will now notice, if you have not already, that she has no brush lashes to speak of; I had not seen that before and at first thought perhaps some were actually made that way, but on close inspection, without understanding it, I'm thinking at one time she did have a full complement of them... where they 'disappeared' to we will never know.


However, I LOVE her without them... maybe she cried so much that they 'washed away' through all the tears she shed having obviously had no one to love and play with her all these years.


The absence of lashes gives her a younger, more babylike countenance and she is just so appealing... but you judge for yourself. When choosing a Dy-Dee to add to your collection, choose the ones that 'speak' to you for your greatest enjoyment... I know I have.


Dy-Dee comes dressed in her MINT CONDITION aqua blue cotton organdy dress with matching bonnet. Dress set is in CRISP MINT, never worn condition. Vintage 1930s to 1940s and not original to Dy-Dee but I chose it for her because it matches her eyes and blue is so hard to find, over the most popular pink, when dressing baby.


I have added a darling pair of crocheted party shoes with an embroidered flower on each.


Included is her original white birdseye weave diaper, undershirt, and socks.



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Rare Vintage Early 1930s Effanbee 15" Blond Dy-Dee Baby Doll

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