WooHoo!! I FINALLY found my 2nd 'almost perfect' one... sold the 1st one months ago, and decided to clean the doll warehouse room... makes 'cleaning day' such a Blessing!



Perhaps a little early for Christmas, but this is SO RARE it may very well be good to plan ahead! This fabulous and rare original Dy-Dee accessory is one of my favored nursery items. I have been blessed to have found three in the last 20 years. I am offering this one as the BEST of the BEST of those three here now -- OK I said that about the last one, not realizing this one, which I received in January 2014, I had never even opened... which of course is why I couldn't find it -- it was "hidden in plain sight" in a brown shipping box.


I don't know that it is really a circus wagon, but it sure has that feel, doesn't it?


The floor of the pen has the Dy-Dee playpen graphics (ref. Barbara Hilliker's Dy-Dee book for photos of her smaller blue and pink playpens). This larger size piece boasts WHEELS and a HANDLE for pulling your dollies around for a fun ride! (See 2nd to last photo where "T" dowel pivots down between the side to keep it tucked neatly away until ready to use.


One side depicts a little BOY and the other a little GIRL decal. Jazzy red and blue vivid coloring with yellow masonite floorboard -- floorboard is flat without any warping and clear and complete graphics; both decals are PERFECT with no cracking or peeling.


My two Effanbee Dy-Dee Lou dolls are playing in it to show you the relative size and how much fun it is to display them (and keep them out of mischief!).


Add some toys, a soft blanket... and perhaps a cookie, to keep them occupied.


Listing is for the playpen only. LAST photo is of the first playpen I sold just for comparative reference.


Measures: 29" W x 16" D x 17" H


The playpen is held together with dowel pegs and will be shipped flat to ensure safe arrival. Easy assembly.


Purchase price includes FREE Shipping~

RARE FAO Schwarz Effanbee Dy-Dee Doll CIRCUS WAGON Playpen