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Rare 1930s Effanbee 15" Dy-Dee SUNTAN / BLACK / African American Baby Doll


This is a unique Effanbee Mold 1 Dy-Dee baby that has been completely restored as the authentic SUNTAN color doll that was offered in the 1937 Salesman Catalog. Retailers ordering their stock of dolls simply indicated their preference for this RARE color. I have had two of these original suntan dolls in my collection (sold sometime ago now), and they were the only two documented ones to have suirvived -- see my last photo showing my original 15" suntan baby.


Here is a restored baby dressed in a gorgeous silk dress with matching bonnet and slip -- beautiful pink silk with embroidered flowers and lace trim. The dress set is a 'mommy made' set fashioned from one of the many Dy-Dee doll patterns issued back in the 1930s by the popular patterns companies. The greatest attention to styling and detail -- along with a great deal of love -- went into the making of this set -- presumably by some little girl's talented relative. Rarely do you see such fine work(wo)manship these days.


Dy-Dee is, of course, in MINT restored condition and has a replaced Effanbee body to compliment her coloring. The body is mint and a comparable size to an original Dy-Dee body featuring bent limbs and chubby features.


Rare opportunity to pickup a little friend to add to your dolly nursery.



RARE 1930s Effanbee 15" Dy-Dee SUNTAN/ BLACK Baby Doll

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