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RARE 11" Tiny Tears FACTORY Extra Party OUTFIT


This outfit is SUPER RARE ! The set is very hard to find as it was a limited production set that was boxed separately in a storybook type box; it held an embroidered cotton organdy party dress, underwear, silk taffeta kimono jacket with a matching bonnet, and a pair of pink knit booties. I have had the good fortune to have had several of these outfit sets over the last 25 years in all Tiny Tears doll sizes -- 11", 13.5" 15" and 18". Each dress has had identical styling with a plain white organdy skirt to the dress, and the bodice had 'rainbow' embroidered flowers or other design, along with butterfly sleeves and French Val lace trim. The kimono jacket/bonnet has come in at least 4 different patterns that I have seen. All this being said...

This DRESS is the first I have ever seen in a nylon organdy fabric! The dimity pattern nylon skirt is of a creamy white shade and the bodice is pink nylon with white embroidery. The pattern is the same as one of the 4 patterns I've documented previously.


Additionally, NONE of these outfits ever came with a slip... until this set. A beautiful silky pink full slip that enhances the dress.


FABULOUS find for your TINY TEARS Collection.


This outfit came out in the mid-1950's and was available for purchase at a retail store. The dresses in the sets were also available with some variation by filling out a coupon that was inserted in some of the Tiny Tears suitcase sets and then sending away through the mail.


The outfit is in NEAR MINT condition with the notable exception of a couple of small separations to the pink nylon on one side of the bodice. It does not show when on your baby doll. Everything else PERFECT!

RARE 11" Tiny Tears American Character FACTORY Extra Party Outfit

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