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Photogenic and Gorgeous... 22" Baby Princess Beatrix with HANG TAG


Near mint condition.


A HIGH COLOR exceptional Ideal composition and cloth doll from the 1930's with factory original dress set and hang tag -- stunning doll to stand out in any collection. Add to your Ideal doll or composition collection with this highly desirable baby.




Some dolls are just naturally photogenic like some people. This little Princess Beatrix steals my heart with her fetching poses. Made by Ideal in 1938 to commemorate the birth of the Netherland's own Princess Beatrix -- she is named for the daughter of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland. Baby is marked Ideal / Made in U.S.A. on the nape of her neck. Molded dark brown hair; non-working crier; composition head, arms and legs. Factory sized at 22" she is one of a group of sizes ranging from 14"-26" produced at that time. All but the smallest have the flirty eyes like this one.


'Her sweetness lies in her Magic Eyes' -- to quote an advertisement for her. This was an exclusive Ideal feature -- Magic Eyes look left, look right -- and sleep, of course! Her beautiful clear BROWN eyes are UNCRAZED as the irises have been replaced ... otherwise original condition with NO other restorations or repairs. The eye mechanism functions smoothly. Real human hair lashes are all present. Only a scant FEW CRAZE LINES on the entire baby doll. This doll has NOT BEEN restored.


Princess Beatrix is 22" and has creamy alabaster skin tone with a rosebud mouth and beautifully blushed cheeks; gorgeous dark molded curly hair  -- excellent condition! Her composition is fabulous with only a couple of craze lines anywhere to her head, arms, molded hair, and legs ; there is what lookks to be a factory blemish in the paint that is not even visible in my excellent photos -- your eyes are drawn to hers and then she mesmerizes you with her artful poses. Composition is all smooth and with a satiny quality. Beatrix's cloth body is immaculately clean, with no odors, and no stains or tears... remember this sweet little baby is over 79 years old!!


She has lovely sculpting of her arms and legs -- chubby legs and smooth composition lend itself to endearing baby features. DEEP pink blush shines brightly at the knees and the top of her hands. Her cloth body is clean with no tears or rips  -- she has been very well cared for all these years gone by! She has a non-working crier in her tummy.


Ideal advertised this doll as "A popular new baby princess in doll form! Here is a doll that is truly a baby doll. It has the softest and cuddliest body that Ideal has ever produced -- Beatrix's arms and legs are so jointed that they will fall backward or forward just like those of a real baby -- her tiny fists are clenched like the fists of a newborn baby. Princess Beatrix can sit up or lie down, just as a real baby would in any pose, with one foot in her mouth or with her hands beneath her head -- or almost any other position a baby can take."


Princess Beatrix's silk coat, dress, bonnet, slip, shoes, and socks are ALL ORIGINAL --  added coordinating pink silk bonnet to go with her exquisite coat, along with replaced pink silky pantaloons. There is a short handful of age related pinpoint holes to her outfit. Her outfit is complete with her original rayon socks and ORIGINAL oilcloth moccasins.


I have had a range of sizes in the Princess Beatrix doll, but this little beauty is a lovely size for your collection, and ready to be displayed perhaps sitting in her own little chair, or draped softly against an elegant pillow on your bed... just waiting to be picked up and hugged.



IDEAL 22" Flirty Eye 1930s Princess Beatrix Baby Doll

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