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Extremely Rare 1940's Effanbee Dy-Dee Accessory Card --




Wooden Bubble Pipe * PINK PLASTIC Spoon * Q-Tips * 'Hour Glass" Nursing Bottle


This wonderful accessory card came in a 1940's Effanbee Dy-Dee doll layette box. Still has thee original paper backing and cello (which is torn).




A few years ago I received a 1947 advertisement for Dy-Dee and noted that the accessory card showed a plastic spoon and the 'hour glass' nursing bottle (has no 'ounce' indicators). I had never seen one in the many 100's of Dy-Dee sets I have had or seen.


Note also, that the stem of the wooden bowl bubble pipe is made of plastic/celluloid, where the earliest wooden pipes had a wooden stem. Clearly this set is a TRANSITION set. Minty condition -- soft and supple bubble pipe tip, perfect supple rubber nipple on the bottle, complete and undamaged Q-Tip packet. Card has some wear as shown in photos.


Recently I came across this set -- this is the ONLY ONE I have seen other than one that I also very recently saw included in a mint in box doll set.


I have included photos of the doll set as well as the advertisement for provenance purposes. The set I am offering here is identical to the ad photo as well as the MIB set.


SUPER FIND for the ADVANCED Dy-Dee Collector and for those who desire THE VERY BEST.

Extremely Rare 1940's Effanbee Dy-Dee Accessory Card -- Pipe Spoon Q-Tips Bottle

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