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 Super RARE 1931 Effanbee 1st Edition DANCING Dolls -- 12" Patsy Baby TWINS -- Predates Patsy BabyKIN


This most adorable and charming set of Effanbee 12" Patsy Baby TWINS is EXTREMELY RARE. They are the EARLIEST -- First Edition -- Patsy Babykin circa 1931, when Effanbee brought out a cloth-bodied doll, whose composition head had a different face from their later issue we are all familiar with and love.


They are in MINT condition. No flaws. Pristine! NO crazing, no missing paint, just perfect~


These dolls are, in my view, the rarest of the Effanbee Patsy Family dolls, having seen only one other pair in 25 years of Effanbee collecting. My last photos shows the only other pair I have seen, and note my included reference photo showing these actual dolls highlighted in the "Patsy Doll Family Encyclopedia, Vol. II" on page 22.


I have had several inquiries over the years from avid Effanbee Patsy collectors seeking this adorable pair, and finally they appear once again.


You will have a LOT of fun literally playing with this set of 'little lovers'.  They have composition heads, firmly stuffed cloth bodies and limbs. The hands, chest, and bonnets have snaps that you will enjoy discovering the various poses these two can make... dancing, hand holding and hugging.


FAST and FREE Shipping~

Earliest 1930s Effanbee 1st Ed Dancing Patsy Baby Kin Twin Dolls

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