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13" Brunette Effanbee Dy-Dee Kin 1937 Mold 1 with BLUE Eyes


This is one of the two of my 'prized' Mold 1 Dy-Dee Kin babies. This little treasure has the most lovely and vivid tin litho blue eyes, with full and even brush lashes, high coloring, and clearly defined facial features... Why is this important?


The 13" Dy-Dee Kin was produced by Effanbee in 1937 for only ONE year. This makes them harder to find in any condition at all. And, when you do find one, it is truly rare to find one with an intact rubber body, eyes that have full lashes and have not rusted or yellowed, or anything else in a laundry list of things that plague the survival of this particular size Dy-Dee. Of course, the usual chips and bumps and scrapes and rubs are common, as with all other size Dy-Dee babies. Then there are the crucial issues at hand... in all the years I have collected Dy-Dee, and thousands have passed through my portal, I have never seen a fully intact rubber body that had not hardened and whose limbs were fragile and often detached... or threatening to do so.


Here, my beautiful blue-eyed beauty has high coloring and lovely eyes, albeit replaced from another 'donor' Dy-Dee Kin whose head was not so fortunate to survive well... she lives on here. Her eyes no longer close, at times one needs to be helped into position; and there is a tiny touchup under one of her captivating eyes. She has an angelic countenance, does she not?


As with all the rubber bodies, she has a replaced rubber one, and in good condition, enabling you to play with Dy-Dee Kin once again and dress her in her GENEROUS ORIGINAL WARDROBE. Stunning!


She comes with all you see here. Her TWO DRESSES are Effanbee Dy-Dee KIN original factory issue. The blue cotton print dress is in MINT condition -- fresh crisp and NEVER WORN -- and documented in Barbara Hilliker's popular and definitive book about Dy-De