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PRISTINE boxed set 1953 American Character 11.5" Tiny Tears baby doll -- NEVER REMOVED FROM BOX complete with intact cellophane and nearly perfect box.


This is absolutely the most MINT and pristine 11.5" Tiny Tears doll I have ever seen in this size in 25 years of collecting and documenting. This baby literally has NO FLAWS, and has to be seen in hand to believe and marvel at her perfect features.


Tiny Tears has never been removed from her box; the pink elastic tethers are intact at her neck, waist and ankles. Although I cannot remove her to examine the back of her closely, I was able to turn her head enough on each side and gently lift to see the back of  her head, and from that standpoint I do not see any rubs at all to her beautiful brown molded hair... anywhere.


Her facial features are 100% intact with no rubs. Lovely high color accented by her beautiful, clear and bright blue eyes -- all lashes intact, full and even. PERFECTION~


Baby's rubber body is still pink, soft and the coloring is even with no darkening or spots or... well... anything. All fingers and toes are intact with no cracking or creases... or anything :-)


She is dressed simply in her classic romper, and this is before her signature name was embroidered on the front as in later issues. Her box contains all her original goodies attached to its cardboard display and all  accessories include:


  • Bubble Pipe with PERFECT rubber tip
  • Pink rubber Pacifier completely intact
  • Small cake of Tiny Tears Ivory soap
  • Rubber sponge
  • Wash cloth
  • Package of Kleenex brand signature Tiny Tears tissues
  • Birdseye weave diaper
  • Pink and white knit booties
  • Glass nursing bottle with intact rubber tip
  • Tiny Tears brochure with her friend Miss Francis
  • Tiny Tears leaflet


Note that the metal clips holding the tissue package have broken and no longer hold it securely in place.  The soap has some darkening at the edges but intact.


This very special little baby would be welcome in your home to be enjoyed for years to come. RARELY do we see a set so completely intact -- doll, box, clothes and accessories.


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1953 American Character 11.5" Tiny Tears Baby Doll

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