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GORGEOUS 15" Blue-Eyed 1940s mold 3 Dy-Dee Jane




The mold 3 Dy-Dee has the sweetest baby face of the three mold issues made by Effanbee. Her brows are considerably raised above her pretty bright blue eyes, lending a more innocent look and highlighting her babylike features.


Dy-Dee Jane is NEAR MINT... only a couple of teensy light scratches to her pretty molded hair to suggest she is really amost 80 years old now. Her rubber body is PERFECT with no drying, cracking or weaknesses to the rubber -- always a concern when contemplating bringing home a new baby. Her rubber is even toned, soft and squeezable. All joints are firm and pose easily to enhance her already adorable personality.


Baby's face is FLAWLESS with beautiful original coloring -- NO RESTORATIONS of any kind -- all painted facial features are intact; crystal clear blue eyes open and close perfectly, with a full complement of natural brush lashes -- thick and even.


Her inset rubber ears are perfect... light fleshtone with no crazing.


She is dressed in her ORIGINAL EFFANBEE Mold 3 Dy-Dee doll BLUE cotton organdy dress and bonnet set; and her own original Effanbee Mold 3 Dy-Dee EIDERDOWN Snowsuit is a gorgeous shade of aqua blue. For nighttime cuddles and a good night's sleep dress her in her nearly mint original pair of drop seat Dr. Denton style pajamas (one small mark on the backside at the inner crotch area that will probably wash out if desired). Underneath it all is her pure white birdseye weave diaper and single button undershirt.


Both the dress set and the snowsuit are like new condition. The snowsuit was on the baby when I received her, in her layette suitcase, along with the dress, pajamas, and shoes and socks. The case was in poor condition and without accessories, so she comes to you as you see her with 'just the clothing on her back' so to speak!


Her white oilcloth shoes are MINT MINT condition, and her silk socks just perfect as well.


All my dolls are 'beauties' but this one is particularly striking with her big blue eyes and perfectly matched layette.


*Layaway for just $197/mo. for 5 payments


1940s Vintage Effanbee 15" Mold 3 Dy-Dee Jane

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