Vintage 1940s Factory Original Effanbee 15" Dy-Dee Jane Dress Set -- RARE Pink Dimity with embroidery.


Vibrant BABY PINK cotton dimity dress from the EARLY 1930s Dy-Dee layette -- this style dress came in a variaty of prints and slight variations... especially the bonnets. See my last two photos to view just four of this type of Dy-Dee factory dresses I have managed to collect over the last 25 years.


THIS STYLE DRESS SET is the RAREST of the Dy-Dee dress collection.


One of many dress sets for your Dy-Dee that I have collected over the last 25 years. Original Dy-Dee layette set,


ALL ARE ORIGINAL EFFANBEE FACTORY DY-DEE DRESS SETS. Several are extremely rare and desired by collectors.


ALL SETS include a pair of vintage SOCKS and a SLIP so you have a complete outfit for your baby.


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1940s Original Effanbee 15" Dy-Dee Dress Set -- Pink Dimity

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