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Vintage 11" Dy-Dee Doll - BRUNETTE MOLD 2 w/ Original Layette in TRUNK




Very hard to find BRUNETTE molded hair baby~


ALL ORIGINAL with no restorations of any kind with original layette that is correct for this issue doll.


This gorgeous baby is an excellent condition Mold 2 -- 11" Dy-Dee for those of you who follow the different factory issue dolls. She is from the late 1930s to early 1940s and she has a pretty molded painted head. A modicum of faint rubs to the surface at the back -- all other painted features are intact... darling! She has the 'new' inset rubber ears that have darkened somewhat (look much darker in the photo than 'in hand' and I admit that I forgot to clean them before photographing, but I will do and they will lighten up); they are completely intact with no crazing.


For those of you who are new to Dy-Dee she is a marvelous WONDER DOLL. She can drink and wet like many baby dolls, but when she wets the special valve system inside allows the moisture to leak out slowly from her backside opening just like a real baby. She is VERY HEAVILY weighted to feel like a real baby in your arms, too. Another unique feature is that you can turn her head to the side with her eyes open, and when you go to lay her down her eyes stay open. Alternatively, you can close her eyes and turn her head to keep them closed even when she is held upright. She BLOWS BUBBLES and loves to be bathed (bubble pipe not included). Her special jointed system prevents water from getting inside her when bathing -- just an all-round AMAZING doll. Any little girl would be happy with a Dy-Dee of her own, how about you?


Dy-Dee has a beautiful head and body... nothing like the 'squeaky' sound a Dy-Dee doll's rubber joints emit when moved. These are firm and pose well -- her rubber is in near MINT condition -- she has been cleaned and has beautiful, skin tone, and still firm and strong (and supple), with just a small area of very light crazing on her lower chest. No dryness and all fingers and toes intact.


Simply beautiful, and classic Dy-Dee face -- all original and just lovely. Her eyes are clear and work perfectly -- beautiful full and thick brush lashes. Captivating BROWN eyes. Very hard to find this particular issue doll with such a nice face... so often one or the other or both eye sockets are chipped for some reason on this size and mold alone.


SO hard to find these girls in their original clothes! She comes with her HUGE Effanbee factory ORIGINAL DY-DEE wardrobe in her ORIGINAL LAYETTE BOX:


  • White dotted Swiss ORGANDY cotton dress and slip 
  • Classic PINK twill coat bonnet Set 
  • Blue striped flannel print 'drop seat' pajamas 
  • White knit booties with pink and blue stripes 
  • Single button cotton knit undershirt 
  • birds eye weave diaper 
  • Pink flannel kimono jacket 
  • Terry cloth bib 
  • Paper GOLDEN HEART Hang Tag 
  • "Everything a Young Mother Should Know" pamphlet 
  • Faux 'silver' feeding spoon 
  • Pink PACIFIER -- completely intact 
  • Pink flannel round wipes 
  • Cashmere Bouquet Toilet Soap 
  • Desitin Powder canister


EXTRA included LAYETTE items:


  • Vintage (not a reproduction) "BABY" bracelet in blue 
  • Vintage blue and white rattle 
  • Pink knit MITTENS with embroidered flowers 
  • Vintage NEW Old-Store-Stock pink stripe rayon socks 
  • ADORABLE "Mommy Made" pink flannel bunting with darling LAMB theme, embroidered stitching and satin ribbon trim


This entire layette set is in EXCELLENT condition and is clean, pressed... very nice set!


ALL comes in its original layette TRUNK with separate 'tray' that fits inside at the top. The inside of the trunk is clean with intact "Dy-Dee" graphics and includes the HARD TO FIND PINK ORGANDY RUFFLED pad. Pad is clean and in excellent condition with two tiny mends on one side of the ruffle.


My photos are excellent and show off her lovely outfits.



1940's Vintage 11" BRUNETTE Dy-Dee Doll - MOLD 2 w/ Original Layette in Trunk

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