Gorgeous 1930s Effanbee 20" Dy-Dee Lou Mold 1 Baby Doll in Box


Another of my very favored Dy-Dee dolls... this beautiful baby is near mint with some very minor restoration to a few chips in the paint at the back of her precious head. She came dressed as you see her, in her box, with a 'minty' pair of signature Dy-Dee drop seat pajamas.


She is an outstanding example of this most highly desired size in the Dy-Dee doll lineup. Dy-Dee dolls came in a 9", 11", 13" and 15" size, as well as this lovely girl baby, sized like a REAL infant. Like all Dy-Dee babies, she is heavily weighted with a premium quality rubber body that has withstood the test of time, for several generations now. This baby's rubber body is SUPERB with NO crazing, no cracking, no dryness... no problems at all; it is even-toned and soft and supple... go ahead -- dress baby all day long with no worries. Her joints can easily hold a pose to help fully express her personality and charm.


Dy-Dee Lou's face is vibrant with vivid color, and all painted features are well-defined and present. Her brown molded hair curls have a modicum of gentle wear for her almost 90 years of age; the back of her head was restored with a repaint by my favored artist to ensure baby can be dressed and played with no worries whatsoever. She has a flawless face with a beautiful countenance, as you can see. You will not be disappointed. 


Dy-Dee Lou comes with her display box that is in displayable condition, with the front edge flap to the top missing... but looks great with baby and her layette displayed and/or stored inside.


Layette includes~


  • Signature Dy-Dee "Early to Bed, Early to Rise" drop-seat pajamas
  • Pink 'Eiderdown' blanket bunting with 'Scotty Dog' appliques
  • Faux 'silver' feeding spoon
  • Bubble pipe with rubber tip
  • Celluloid Blue Duck rattle
  • Dy-Dee's Doll Days Book
  • 'What Every Young Mother Should Know' Brochure
  • Graduated Effanee Dy-Dee glass nursing bottle with EA