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Oh dear... how can I bear to part with this one?

Here is a near MINT early 1930's Dy-Dee with pretty blond molded curls -- like a little Halo surrounding her sweet face...

Baby comes with her dress with coat and bonnet set -- these clothes are made lovingly by some little girl's mama or grandma perhaps, from an Effanbee original pattern sold back in the same era exclusively for Dy-Dee. Not everyone could afford the beautiful layette clothes offered in the retail catalog; but, surely someone or all in the family could sew... and sew they did quite beautifully, with great attention to detail, with tiny, tiny even stitches, and tailoring that would challenge most anyone these modern days... simply outstanding.

Her white (now antique white) cotton lawn dress has pinch pleats down the front AND back of the bodice, cotton tatted lace trim, and delicate floral embroidery down the front placket. Her coordinating coat is TO DIE FOR... MY PHOTOS will not do it justice I promise you, as the light from my camera flash highlights the sheen to the violet silk taffeta rather harshly as compared to 'in hand'. But, GORGEOUS and incredible work(wo)manship is in every stitch.... smocking, lace, buttons at the cuffs (I did not button them when photographed so perhaps the sleeves appear short, but they are a perfect length when the pearl buttons are fastened), tatted lace trim, and great tailoring make this coat set the envy of all Dy-Dee girls!

Dy-Dee herself has a MINT rubber body, mint face and blond curls. She has the cutest HEART SHAPED lips in the Effanbee tradition. As with many of these very early Dy-Dee babies, she is only missing her lashes to separate her from being absolutely MINT... I have several like this in my collection, and actually prefer them as they appear more 'baby like' this way.

She wears pink hand-knitted booties to compliment her outfit; along with her original Effanbee birds eye weave diaper, and a slip to match the dress.

15" Effanbee Dy-Dee Mold 1 RARE Blond Baby Girl

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